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Learning to ride as an adult: what's it like?


I'm trying to write a story wherein one of the characters is trying to teach the other two to ride horses. They're both in their early twenties and in reasonably good shape. The style will be "English," and the goal is to get them ready for a trek of several days.

The problem is, I learnt to ride before the age of eight. And, while I've occasionally acted, in some small degree, as a trainer, I've never worked with anyone who'd never ridden at all.

So... what does it feel like to learn to ride as an adult? Which muscles are sorest? What does the first impression of being on horseback feel like? What aspect of riding seems most intimidating to an adult beginner, and which least?

And what is teaching an adult beginner like? What are their most common mistakes? Do you start them on a leadline or a lungeline? What false assumptions do you have to correct first? How quickly do you start them trotting? Cantering? How do you explain to them how to find a good seat? Is there any pattern to which ones are more likely to "get it" more quickly?

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