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I noticed a week or so ago someone post a link (it was about killing people) that turned out to be pretty helpful to many writers here. That said, I assume it's okay for us to post links to helpful websites, as I have a couple that may be of some use...

I found this one some time ago, and it's helped me develop/create the world in my fantasy fic, it goes all into the details of what you might want to consider when writing stories of a fictional world. A Way With Worlds. Granted there's a lot of information here for novice writers like myself, so I found myself a little overwhelmed at times when I was starting out. I hope it can be of use to my fellow writers.

This page has also been helpful to me when I've had some trouble writing and planning.

This is a fantastic community, and I'm incredibly glad I decided to join.

Though I suppose I do have one minor question. It relates to currency.
When deciding upon a currency for a fictional place, what are some things that should be calculated into thinking about how much one unit of (fill in the blank) is worth? If it helps, I'm using gold and silver. I of course didn't live back in times when gold and silver was used, so I have no idea of the worth or value of a gold peice. And I didn't think it would have to be the same for a fictional society, anyway, for whatever reasons I'm hoping someone can educate me in, but it would help to know.

Thanks everyone, for all your knowledge :) I wish I could be as helpful in return to others' questions, but heh... I'm just out of highschool. :P my knowledge is limited.
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