Jenna (dandelion) wrote in little_details,

Use of religious "He" alongside "he"; naming conventions for religions

Firstly, would you find it confusing for characters to refer to a prophet as "He" as well as "he", depending on whether or not they believed he was actually a religious prophet? Would it seem to you as if that was two separate characters, or would it make sense?

Also, is there a general naming convention for religions? I know many of them end in -ism and so on, but what about the first part of the name? Christianity, obviously, is "followers of Christ", but I've no idea where names such as Judaism or Islam take the first part from. If I can't come up with a plausible name for a religion, I don't need to call it anything specific, but it would be easier to, especially if I plan to have two or more faiths in the story.

Thank you!

edited because I do honestly know Buddhism comes from Buddha.
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