Trible (tamtrible) wrote in little_details,

Millenium-old corpses

I'm not even quite sure *how* to google this one.
Someone died in a cave (relatively cool and wet, teeny little cave) by magic-related means (ie no violence done to the corpse). Nothing larger than insects has been in the cave since then.
Roughly 1000 years later, Our Heroine comes into the cave. What, if anything, would she see? A complete skeleton? A few scraps of bone/clothing? No visible human remains? I'm assuming anything other than bone/teeth (and possibly clothing/metal) would be gone.
Specifics about the geography of the cave aren't set in stone, other than its size (would be crowded with a dozen people) and the general climate of the area (snows in winter, but not a lot). I'd like there to be at least *something* that an educated layman would recognize as "bits of an ex-person".
Tags: ~archaeology, ~forensics: corpses
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