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Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch

Court room routines

I have a character (male) working two reasonably low-wage jobs (video game salesclerk and waiter at a strip club/dinner-with-nude-entertainment place), with a history of very bad luck with guys. As in, sure, he gets a boyfriend/whatever, but then Bad Things happen. First real relationship ended because his boyfriend kept harassing him about his eating habits, second relationship ended because his boyfriend tried to kill him, third major relationship ended because, well, his much older boyfriend up and left and dumped the poor boy with his two daughters. And he has an oversized cougar to feed. So not a whole lot of money in that household.

An "ex", whom boy referrs to as weekend-long-mistake most of the time, happens to come into the club one night when boy's working, and after a scene in there, "ex" starts stalking him. And eventually, Bad Things happen. Bad Things like, say... Boy gets dragged into a car after walking a coworker home, by this somewhat crazy "ex", is guilt-tripped (well... a valiant attempt. Boy doesn't really care.), smacked around a good bit, and at some point raped, before "ex"'s current girlfriend feels bad about the whole situation and kind of 'forgets' to lock the door, so that boy can get away.

Now, boy EXPECTS that sort of behaviour from this "ex", it's one of the reasons he rather pretend not to remember their joint history. AND he has a history of turning himself into something of a sexual object, just so that people won't try to learn more about him. So he's pretty calm about the whole thing, and it shocks other people more than it shocks him. He's pissed off as hell, but no more than he would be if he'd been beaten up in an alley or had someone steal his precious collection of OLD video game consoles. And he's annoyed they're making him miss work so he can go see his therapist about the whole thing. That's good money he's not getting! (Yes, I know this is NOT typical behavior for a rape victim, and that it'll likely offend people. But he's 'blah' enough about sex that he's not going to be concerned about anything beyond the kidnapping and the physical injury parts.)

When it gets to the court room, though... Can he be expected to witness about what happened? HE wouldn't mind, he'd worry more about the sensibilities of the other people present in the court room. But I'd expect it to be common practise NOT to ask witnesses about that kind of details. Considering most of them are a lot more traumatized.

Gee, I'm long-winded.

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