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Formula & Infant paraphernalia industry economics

Hi all.

My Google-fu has failed me. I am looking to find out just how large the baby-industry is. i.e., how much of a worldwide economic collapse would be indicated if everyone in the world suddenly stopped having children. So far, I've found that about $16 billion (US) is spent annually on buying baby food, and there's supposedly about 70k people employed in the baby-food making industry. But I'm looking more for info along the lines of regions where baby food and (more importantly) all the paraphernalia like strollers, toys, clothes, hygiene products, etc. are processed/made/built, and preferrably what type of percentage this makes up of the global economy.

I've tried checking out specific company websites (i.e. Nestlé, etc), as well as the International assoc. of Infant food manufacturers, all without any real insight. As I've never had an economics course, for all I know this is easily found or common knowledge.

Any help (or properly pointed directions to look toward) would be greatly appreciated.

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