Eric of Clann tSuibhne (suibhne_geilt) wrote in little_details,
Eric of Clann tSuibhne

Motorcycling in Southern Illinois

I need a road. Not just any road, but a very specific road, if one exists...

1. It must be in southern Illinois, and easy joy-riding distance from a moderate sized urban center (~15,000 people or more).

2. It must be an excellent motorcycling road. i.e. rural, curvy, and lightly travelled.

2a. Bonus points if you can identify a notorious cycle-killing curve or intersection on this road for me (i.e. the intersection Hwy JG & Bohn Road here in Dane County...).

3. Local residents know it by something other than the name that appears on current maps. i.e., if the map calls it "Illinois 38", the locals either refer to it by a nickname (something like "Spaghetti Road"), or by an older name the road used to have (like "McGee Lane").

So, does such a place exist? If you can identify such a place for me, do you want a cameo in the story?
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