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Total fuckup with great taste in music

Forced weight gain + slave caravans + learning languages

All right, this is kinfd of complicated question... I have a character who is captured by slave traders from her frontier home, and taken to the capital of their Empire to be sold; on the way, they pretty much intend to fatten her up to make her more appealing to the prospective buyers.

So, my questions are these:
1. How long would it take for a slave caravan, consisting of several horse-drawn carts and a bunch of guards on horseback, cross a distance of approximately 1500 miles? The first 100 or so are hostile forest, after that they are on home territory with Roman-esque roads, but will have to pass a smallish mountain range and several rivers. I am making a broad assumption that this would take approximately four and a half months; am I completely off in my estimate? - was smackjed on the head with the Duungeon Maaster's giuide:; came to the conclusion that 4.5 months is perfectly feasible.

2. In thr time that it takes for the caravan to get from point A to point B, how much weight could the character gain? She is a healthy female, in her late teens, used to hard work and simple fare., She is kept locked up, allowed very little excersise (just enough to keep her in as good shape as possible agility-wise while she gains weight) and she is fed rich foods.

3. Assuming that she is of above-average intelligence, how fluent could she be in the langauge spoken around her if she is not acively taught more than a few words? (as in, not taught anything beyoned "shut up", "Kneel," "eat", "Master" et cetera) when the languiage spoken around her is bastardized latin, her native tongue is pseudo-Scandinavian, and she is already fouent in the "common" tongue of English? You people rock muchly :)

Thank you all in advance :)

ETA: THis is a fantasy world. Should have mentioned it immediately *duh* and the level of technology is early Reneissance nd the level of magic extremely low.

ETA2: so it is just the weight gaint hat is still an issue
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