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Witchcraft, wicca, etc?

I have a character that was born a witch, and I need to know a little about witchcraft. The story is AU but mainly in the years 1890-1900. So none of the new age stuff, I want like, spells. Any websites, books, or anything you have would be good. Looked on google/wiki and came up with little dealing with spells from this time frame. ;_;

I thought about just making it up, but I'd rather at least know what kind of stuff I'm going to make up. Also, she has so higher status powers sorta like on Charmed, she can defend herself and attack if needed. But I don't wanna do it like on Charmed where they it. I'd figure she'd need to do some sort of chant or something.

She also has an *ahem* slave that she is going to teach some spells too.....nothing too much so that he could rebel, but just some simple stuff. Would it take long to teach/learn? I'll probably just wing that, the boy is pretty smart.

Yeah I have no idea wtf I'm doing here. :P

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