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Looking for an Online Romanized Japanese Translator

Okay, erm. Long-time watcher, but first time asking questions -- this is a wonderful community, and I'm really going out of my mind at the moment.

I've spent hours with Google trying to find an online (free, preferably) English to romanized Japanese translator. Not for single words (that's easy enough to find), but for phrases or sentences, something like Babelfish but... romanized.

I'm not sure if it's just that my google-fu is weak or that it's really hard to find; it hasn't been my day today so it could really be either one and I will still feel foolish. XD; So sorry for being dense, in case the answer's right in front of my face, but...

Fine Print: It's for a private roleplay with someone who has about as much of a grasp on the Japanese language as I do (simply polite in greeting at best), so accuracy isn't a big issue, especially if I've already considered Babelfish (is there a way to translate to romanized with Babelfish?).

Thanks in advance, and great apologies for general skull density. x.x
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