GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Spanish language bits

Oye. Spanish speaking character and the extent of my Spanish is "La tortuga esta en fuego." (it's a useful phrase, quiet you!)

I need him to whisper something sweet and romantic in his wife's ear and I got nothing. He's kind of verbose and if there's a more complicated/sophisticated way to say the phrase, he'd use that... Also he has like, a contraction-phobia and never ever uses contractions.

Also, "my darling" equivalent = mi querida, if I recall from a previous topic?

Also need an equivalent for an exasperated phrase akin to "Oh, for the love of God."

[edit] Oh yeah... The difference between Se~nora and Se~norita and where the line is. Which would you call a young (17) woman who is married, and which would you call an older (ambiguously over 30) woman who is unmarried but has a child? [/edit]
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