FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote in little_details,

Edinburgh dance clubs, 1996-ish

For a fic I'm writing, I want to make up a dance club in Edinburgh (not use a real one), but I want it to feel right. I've looked at some listings of clubs, but who knows, really... they write what they want people to think.

A couple of the ones I saw seem to be themed--an art gallery theme and a North African "souk" theme. Would it seem right to have a different sort of theme, maybe Indian or something? Something odder?

What kind of neighborhood do dance clubs tend to be in? What's the clientele likely to be like, and what kind of music is likely in 1996?

This is really just for a brief description--I'm not going to go into detail; it's one friend trying to cheer another up by dragging her out on the town--so I'm not looking to have heavy interaction with the enviroment, but what there is, I'd like to get right.

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