she of the bicolored hair (otoselkie) wrote in little_details,
she of the bicolored hair

Indian torture and prostitutes

What kind of torture methods were favored in ancient India? I'm writing a fantasy story set in a culture based roughly on South India, but since I have fantasy leeway, less specific info is fine, too. I'm not picky about specific time periods, either – pre-European influence is really what I want. The character is being tortured for information, not amusement, if that helps any. So far I'm going with traditional pain-inflicting methods – beating, burning, holding his head underwater, etc.

Also, what would be visual cues to whether a woman was a prostitute? Is there any difference in garb, makeup or hairstyle that would give it away? This is once again based off of South India, culture-wise.
Tags: india: history, ~prostitution, ~torture
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