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BG info: This is a story involving D&D/D20 peoples. Shadow Prime is the term used for 'our' Earth. The Shadow is the name for the shroud the Githyanki used to seal Earth away from both Magic and the other planes, and Prime refers to the fact that it is a Prime Material World. a Prime world is one that is like ours, one way or another. The Githyanki are a traditionally Lawful Evil race, who: have a superiority complex, an empire, severe xenophobia, and are just really mean. They take worlds for their own usage against the Illithids...and everyone else. Illithids are the squiddy-heady-guys. They're Mauve. And evil. The Githyanki hate thier guts. They hate everything about them. The humans of Shadow Prime simply deny they exist, until the plot point laid out below, as they believed them to be merely a construct to make the githyanki look good.

Ok. I've seen the post for RNs, but how about the US military-paid Nurse schooling, or Doctor schooling?

how much does one have to pay back?

On another topic-thingy:

The plot I have written out requires my OCs to end up exposing a (large) conspiracy in the military by killing an Illithid, who is posing as a rather high-ranking guy. The Illithid would be at the base to give a sort of 'motivational speech' thing (a good reason would be nice, but the guy's there to die, really), and what I'd like to know is how the military would handle this.

On one hand, my OCs have singlehandedly exposed an entire race, which is trying to gain total control over Shadow Prime. But on the other hand, they have brutally murdered this guy. Adding to the 'JAIL FOREVER!!!1' camp is the fact that they are Githaynki. In the story, the Githyanki are severely discriminated against, even a good 20~ years after they tried to take Shadow Prime. The human response to this failed attempt was to totally nuke the crap out of the Githyanki worlds, even nuking the Lich Queen. Yeah. She's dead now. Nailed her phylactery (I have a feeling there should be more y's in there.) something good.

What I want to happen is a simple discharge. The discharge was the outcome I guessed at, which would allow the timeframe be 'only' 19-20 years.
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