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Highlander TV series

I've got a question dealing with Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander:The Series show. Not the animated show, and seeing as I'm asking about Duncan, NOT {shudders} "Raven". Really. I pretend that show never existed - except for where it confirms some fandom beliefs. :)

I'm working on a crossover fic trilogy between Highlander and POTC, in which the first fic is set post-POTC movie. According to a quote from Verbinski, so far as he's concerned, POTC is taking place in the 1720s, probably mid-to-late 1720s, near the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. I'm going to have Duncan coming into Port Royal with Fitz, as Fitz has talked him into joining him on a business venture, and of course our Duncan can't have a simple trip. From what I've found so far, in the 1660-80s, Duncan was using a rapier, the name of which escapes me at the moment, and in the 1770-80s, he was using a boarding sabre, or naval cutlass - the same cutlass, btw, that was shattered by the katana that would later become his signature sword.

So far I have not been able to determine if there was a specific sword he was using between the rapier and the naval cutlass. Considering that he will be Fitz's business partner in this story, and presumably perceived to be a gentleman, should I keep him with the rapier, or have him migrating over to the cutlass already? For that matter, what sword was Fitz carrying around that time? I've not found any information on that just yet. I'm still hunting sword info, any help is most appreciated! :)
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