Caitlin (kiffany) wrote in little_details,

Etymology of Names

I'm in the beginning stages of writing a play at the moment, and I'm having a little trouble with the names of some of the characters. The play is set in an as yet undetermined area of England in the late 1880s, and deals with a family who is quite affluent (but slowly losing money - then again, that's neither here nor there).

When I first began planning the play, I named the main characters Gregor, Madeline and William Broenwilde and their maid Kitta (whose last name isn't relevant). But now that I've come to write the play, I've realised that the names may not be 'culturally appropriate'. What I mean to say is that I know William is an English name, and Madeline is French (but that doesn't matter); but what about Gregor? And the last name Broenwilde? Gregor seems German to me, and 'Broenwilde' seems Nordic - although I actually got it out of a computer game.

So - are there any resources - or a very kind soul - that would be able to help me determine the nationality that is usually associated with these names? I'm a stickler for things like this, because I feel as though I'll have to create an entirely different background for the characters to justify giving them names that aren't typical English fare.
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