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stimulants pre-coffee popularity

Okay, am pondering. What stimulants did people commonly use pre- the discovery of caffeine? (tea, coffee, etc) I know coffee was discovered in Ethiopia eons ago, and had been around Arabia for a long time, but it didn't really spread to Europe and beyond until at least Tudor times, and by Regency/Georgian times it was mostly known as something drunk by the middle-classes, since coffeehouses were where merchants and speculators discussed business and share-trading, and the more popular ones became the stockmarket trading floors. (Lloyds of London, etc)

Anyway. What I want to know is what did people use as a mild stimulant (for waking up/staying awake purposes) pre-coffee popularity? (and yes, I know tea has more caffeine, but no-one uses tea as a stimulant. Besides, it came from the East much later than coffee.) And I want common ones available to the unwashed masses - guarine, taurine and so on have only really gained popularity in the last couple of decades.

Google only turns up medical stimulants and research into caffeine itself.
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