agnosticmantis (agnosticmantis) wrote in little_details,

How many police captains? San Francisco particularly :)

I'm wondering if anyone knows how many captains each police station would have? I'm writing a fic taking place in present day, SFPD specifically. There's Robbery/Homicide, but there is also Narcotics, Vice, etc. The SFPD web site does not offer as much information for the writer as the LAPD site does. I can't tell if there is just one captain per station (location) or if each of these sections would have its own captain.

I've been wondering if there were other shows, past or present and cop shows would be ideal, that took place in San Francisco. Screamingly obvious is Streets of San Francisco. I think Nash Bridges, too. Can anyone think of any others?

If someone could suggest a different or better place for me to ask, I'd appreciate that as well.

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