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Consequenses of a circus accident + fdance instructor wages

I have a character who is a former circus performer; a knife thrower, to be exact. Now, since he has a Tragic Past (tm), he lost someone he cared very nmuch for in an accident he caused. or, at least blames himself for.

Basically, during a performance there is an equipment malfunction - his "target" is tied to one of those wheel thingies and the wheel collapses during a throw, and his knife strikes the "target" person wounding her severely, possibly even killing her. What sort of legal consequences woulfd there be? I am assuming he would be charged with SOMETHING - I just have no idea what.

He's with an international circus so the event can take place just about anywhere. In case it matters, he is a Spanish citizen. However, he should be able to live/work int he US and the UK after the events.

Also; later the same character will worjk as a dance instructor in a pretty large studio, where most clients are your average Janes and Joes. How much would he be making, on average, ina medium-sized city? He works full-time and is very good at what he does.
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