Pico the Great (pico_the_great) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Is this a concussion, or what do you call it?

Just a quick couple questions that get sparing mention at first, but will also be used later on in the plot:

1) How do you treat a person who has just been thrown backward into a wall? (PS: We're working with a couple of modern-day teenagers now who have other things to worry about. One might know what to do, the other one has no clue, and neither is a medic-/doctor-/nurse-/healing-inclined type.)

2) What sort of an injury would you call this? Concussion doesn't sound right, but I can't think of anything else.

3) Is there anything large that may result from such an incident? (assumed the impact was just enough for the person to be knocked out.) Anything else?
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