Mahō shōjo Emma-chan (silvey) wrote in little_details,
Mahō shōjo Emma-chan

Finding a prisoner

Persons A and B are in England. Person A is in prison, Person B is a friend of person A and visits frequently. Person A gets into trouble and it's decided they should be moved to a different prison. Person B shows up to see person A and find they're gone, Person A had known for some time and not told person B.

How would person B find person A? Is there a generally accepted way to do this, a person you can contact? Would the people at the first prison be able to give Person A's location? Would person B be able to send a letter to person A disclosing their location?

I've been to the official prison service webiste and done a google search and found nothing to help me.

And help would be appreciated. Thanks anyway.
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