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Greek Myth help?

As I'm not too sure how to google this...

Greek history, and a bit of geography: Troy was a city, as was Ithaca, correct? If so, would the highest leader be called a king, and would that be decided by lineage? I need to kidnap the only son of the ruler of a city, and I'm caught between naming him a prince or lord.

Help? *puppy eyes*

And though I'm pretty solid in my research, if anyone has any literature besides the Oddesy and the Illiad featuring Aeolus, king of the winds, (or the winds themselves) I'd love a link.

...Also, if you could give me a bead on the 'personality' of each wind, I would make starry eyes in your general direction. The closer I am to something 'historically kind-of accurate' the happier I'll feel. (*has a feeling there's something in Arabian nights, but can't remember*)
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