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Russian Accent

Hi. I would have posted this to multilingual but it appears they specialize in translations over accents. I was wondering if y'all could give me a few tips as to how to write for a character whose English has a Russian accent. Not so heavy as to be nonsensical or a pain on the eyes, but just clues in terms of syntax and likely grammatical mistakes, word choice and diction. What sort of sounds are stretched or foreshortened? What is likely to be unpronounceable to such a character? (Verb at the end? At the beginning? In the middle?)

All I have to go on is Ensign Chekov, and I'm not sure he's such a good model. Besides, all I rememeber is that he can't pronounce his V's. "Wery" instead of "very."

Also... is "comrade" still in use, or am I hopelessly Cold War dated?

I ask this because just saying "he spoke with a heavy Russian accent" seems... like cheating.
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