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Okay. This is a personal subject and an even more personal answer that I need. Please let's not get into a discussion on opinions over the issue, because that's just messy. I don't care what you think about it, and I'm not going to tell you what I think. I think we're all mature enough to not start things, right? Right. Okay. On to the question. Feel free to answer anonymously if you want, because you know, it is personal.

I'm writing from a first person perspective, which is kind of hard to do with things you've never been privvy to. So my question here is, what does it feel like to get an abortion done? Not emotionally, I can figure out emotionally with my awesome character skills, but physically. Specifically the sort of physically where they, like, you know, have to uh, kill it manually. Be as descriptive as you are comfortable with being, because even though character in question will probably be more vague, I need to know so I know how vague to be. Cool? Okay.

Details that may matter: about 2~3 months along, and planning on the stabbing sort. (I don't know how abortions work either, so uh, if you could describe the process or something that'd be helpful too.)

[edit] Time period is important too, how could I have forgotten that? The technology is sort of steam era. The world is medieval but the place in question in technologically advanced for that world setting. So uh...think, like...shit I can't remember the era's name in US history. You know, when all the factories started cropping up and monopolies were forming and Ford made the Model T. The early 1900's or whatever it was. (I am soooo not a history major.)

[edit again] Oh, and it is in an official clinic of some sort. So it's uh, not some back-alley what-the-hell-am-I-doing procedure.
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