tiny rage cakes (lesstraveled) wrote in little_details,
tiny rage cakes

19th c. university

I'm looking for any and all information on being a university student in Britain, late 19th century. What did you have to do to get in, how much did it cost, what classes were you expected to take, what subjects were available? Where would they live? Any little thing; I don't even know where to begin Googling, so I thought I'd ask here. :x Thank you very much in advance.

[edit: Flexible on where in the U.K. this happens. The students are all male white Brits (English), youngish (late teens/early twenties). Three are very wealthy upper-class individuals, and two are of lower status, not so financially well off. Would they be able to attend the same university as the first set of students? (Did they have scholarships?) One of the students studies physics, and another law, but this is all negotiable, depending. *g*]

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