Shanti (shan_t) wrote in little_details,

Name of person who shows people around flats to rent

I'm having a complete mental block, and my google-flu fails me (constantly!). I'm english, and don't even have much idea about all this over here, yet alone across the pond where my story is set.

I have a character who is looking to rent a flat/house in a fictional town in california. Basically, what is the name/title for the person who will show them around the flat/house? Would it be the owner of the building? A real estate type person? A landlord? Someone else entirely?

I'm kind of at a loss. I dont need crazy details, i just need to say 'the --- showed them the third bedroom which was tiny...' etc.

I want it to be what the american character would call the person, not what I, being english, would. If that makes sense.

Sorry, it's 2am here and i'm tired, but i wanted to ask this while those on the other side of the pond were up. I tried googling but i have no idea where to look.

Thanks in advance for any help.

AE: Wasn't sure what tag to put on, so just put grab bag. Change if you would like!

EDITED AGAIN: I usually would try and reply to all emails but i'm struggling for time at the moment. So i just want to say thank you to all of those who answered my question. ALl very helpful. Seems i have a few options as what to use, which is good, and you really all helped.

Also, yup, check- apartment not a flat! Got it. I did know that but it was late and my american speak disapeered :P

Thanks once again for the help.

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