Miss Half-Moon-Born (irene_adler) wrote in little_details,
Miss Half-Moon-Born

Pr0n of the '80s

This is a fabulous community, y'all. I'm turning to you because I have questions I can't exactly answer with Google. Specifically, they're to do with the mechanics and distribution of pr0n in the early 1980s. The object crucial to my story idea is a tape of professionally produced pr0n from 1982.

Did many such tapes exist, or was pr0n still a movie-house experience at that point? I understand that all professional videotapes cost something like $50-60 at that time. Would it be realistic to posit that an ordinary guy had a few such tapes in his possession?

Did performers wear condoms for straight sex? Or was it years before this came about?

Thanks so much to anyone who can answer, or point me to answers.
Tags: ~pornography

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