fancythat2 (fancythat2) wrote in little_details,

Travel Questions

I have been researching travel distances and I am having a hard time finding answers.

Has anyone run across resources on or know the answers to:

Looking at 19th century (the 1800's) or earlier. Earlier is much better.

1. How far can an adult walk on a dirt road in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
2. How far can you ride in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
3. How far can a full wagon travel in a day?
4. How far can a medium sized merchant ship sail in a day? The ship MUST be pre 1700's.

Anybody know? Anybody have a book title to suggest? Maybe a web site?
Keep in mind that people were different back when. They weren't "Athletes" or couch potatoes.

I'd be grateful for any assistance! Thank You.
Tags: ~travel: pre-modern overland, ~travel: sea travel
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