she of the bicolored hair (otoselkie) wrote in little_details,
she of the bicolored hair

Juvinile punishment and Indian torture

I have two questions:

One of my characters, a fifteen-year-old, has been arrested for throwing a gun at a police officer. Yes, throwing a gun. What would she be charged with, what defence would she use, and what sentence would she get if convicted? The specifics are thus: The gun was owned by an adult, who was unconcious at the time. The police burst in, and the girl's first reaction was to grab the nearest object (the gun) and throw it. The gun was unloaded, the girl had never handled any kind of firearm before and wouldn't have known what to do even if it was.

Second question: What methods of torture/interrogation were used in India before the English/Eurpoeans showed up? Let's say Medieval period. If it helps, the purpose of this is to gain information, not just to cause pain.

(Sorry if I screwed up the tags, I couldn't find to mod post with the categories listed).
Tags: india: history, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~middle ages, ~torture

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