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Punishments for high school students caught with knives in their lockers.

The current situation that I am stuck at in my novel is where one of my characters steals a craft knife from his Art classroom in high school. He cuts himself with the knife (yay, angst ^^;), before hiding it in his locker. After we skip a few dramatic moments, he is eventually found to have taken the object.

My problem arises at this point.

He is cornered by his Principal and forced to spill all (including the fact that he cuts himself). What sort of punishment would this lead to? Like, for example, would he be sent to a therapist/psychiatrist for cutting himself? Or would the authorities not really give a flying fudge about that and just suspend him or something? (Just for the record, the Principal in this case is considerably strict and hot-headed.)

Help would be greatly appreciated - I'm absolutely clueless as to how I would go about googling the issue. Thanks. :)

This question was brought to you by a baffled Brit attempting to write a crazily-detailed novel set in the US.

[Edit] And whilst I'm on the subject - are 'craft knives' actually called craft knives in the US? Or are they called something else? (Picture reference: here) Please excuse my absolute ditzy-ness. O.o; [/Edit]
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