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Catholic rites on suicides, brain death, organ transplants

I'm going back over short story I wrote a while ago, and I've realized that I probably need a few more details. Well, a lot more.

If a person takes a gun to the head as a suicide attempt, is there some way for him to experience brain death but have his organs still useful for harvesting later? He is discovered very quickly, so there wouldn't be too big of a time gap between finding him and getting emergency help and to the hospital. Is this even possible? If it is, what kind of head shot would do this the best? An added note is that this set during the early to mid- Eighties, so I'm not sure how different these procedures were about twenty years ago.

I know that, in general, Catholic churches can/will refuse to perform funeral masses for people who commit suicide, but I've never heard about a few other death-related rites. What about burial? I've only been to one Catholic burial and I was about nine. I know that a priest usually says a blessing, but in the event of a suicide of a Catholic, would a priest do so?

I know that Last Rites can be given up to two hours after death. Would a priest do so for someone who very clearly committed suicide?

EDIT:Thank you, you all, for pointing out that Catholic suicides can have full rights, just not buried in sacred grounds. I always thought otherwise, and I was wrong. :)
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