Sharn (optissima) wrote in little_details,

Heart transplant fun

I'm writing a story about a man who recieves a transplanted heart. The heart's donor is the focal point of the story, not the transplant itself, but I still want the details of the transplant to be believable. I've found all kinds of information about how the actual transplant process happens, but not much about anything else. So, a few questions:

1. Obviously, a heart transplant is only done if a patient is in dire straits and there are no other options, but what's the LEAST severe illness/condition/defect/injury/whatever that would require a transplant?

2. How soon after the donor's death is the heart removed and ready to be transplanted?

3. How how soon after removal from the donor is the transplant performed?

4. When can the recipient go back to work and whatever else to start to get on with his life?

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