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Clothing and other stuff in 1811.

I am doing a comic adaptation of M.R. James' ghost story "Lost hearts". (Link to the original story here for those interested.)
The story takes place in 1811 and I have had a lot of trouble getting the kind of visual info I need. Mainly clothing.
What would an orphaned 12-year old boy be likely to wear in England in 1811? And what about servants, what would they wear? Most info I've come across have been about upper-class women's clothing. Above all, I would like pictures, if it's possible.

The postchaise is also giving me trouble. What would a postchaise look like in Lincolnshire in 1811?
If you guys know of any sites where I can get pictures and/or info or if you have ANYTHING to inform me of that I should know when drawing this story, I would be very very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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