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Strong Alcohols

Hello, everyone. In my original Esek story, I am creating an alcoholic drink for the culture. It is called rose-water, and I am requesting help on perfecting the ingrediants. Rose-water - depending on the intensity of certain ingrediants, the exact ingrediants used, and the dosage taken - is a drink that will do anything from calm a person down to knock them out for the night. Served chilled, rose-water is composed of fermented roses, spring water, and any number of natural pain killers. Rose-water differs from maker to maker, but common ingrediants are catnip, hops, lobelia, passionflower, scullcap, and willowbark. Plus, as I mentioned, the fermented roses, the water, and the ice.

I am thinking about adding another ingrediant - an already in existence alcohol to give the drink an extra boost. Remember, I want rose-water to be the sort of thing one drinks when they just want to sleep and not think or dream about anything.

However, I am non-drinker. What I am looking for is life experiences. I am looking for drinks that cause any of the following: knocking the person out quickly, blackouts, memory-loss, and/or dulled pain. I'm guessing that many of the things on my list are overlapping and/or common to many alcohols. I'm looking for something strong. Also, I'm going to need specifics on the alcohol type and perhaps the brand so I can hit google again to find out how they make it.

Edit: I want to thank everyone that helped me create my drink. The name has been changed to Scott's Rose, and it relies more on the drugs involved than the alcohol. Here is the finished product.

Scott’s Rose

Discovered by Mister Angust Scott in the Esekian year 34, Scott’s Rose is an alcoholic drink composed of three components. The first of these is rose-water. Pure spring water is flavored with southampton roses. The second component is the rosehips of scabrosa roses, which are fermented. The third component is Absolve, which is a particularly strong and refined vodka that could be compared to our Everclear Vodka. Added to the Absolve is catnip, hops, lobelia, passionflower, scullcap, valerian, kava kava, lemon balm, chamomile, mandrake, willow bark, and roofer’s fern in different quantities. Roofer’s fern is a [made-up] plant native to Southern Esek; Flunitrazepam can be easily derived from the leaves.

The components are then combined in various quantities, depending on the desired intensity. The finished drink is then served over crushed ice. Scott’s Rose varies from maker to maker, and it can be fatal if it is made improperly. As Scott’s Rose often contains willow bark, it may be fatal to some people. If taken frequently over a long period of time, the drinker will discover that a greater and greater intensity of Scott’s Rose is needed to achieve the same effect. Due to the difficulty in producing Scott’s Rose, the price is quite steep and unstable. Scott’s Rose is banned in the country of Salaah and virtually unheard of in the country of Cleantha.

Thank you.

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