Dawnshadow (dawnshadow) wrote in little_details,

Birth control 24/7-- concequences?

I'm thinking of having a cross-dressing character (female, dresses male because she travels a lot) for an RP. If the person in charge approves of this detail, there is also a minor charm that has roughly the same effect as a birth control pill-- it changes hormonal levels to prevent ovulation. (No one in the storyline knows how the charm works, though; the tech level is too low.) My character uses the spell constantly so she never has periods. She's 19 and has been using it constantly for at least three or four years, as she learned it from her mother (a prostitute who learned the spell after the character was born) as soon as she was old enough to become pregnant.

Would there be any bad effect from the constant supression? I know that one or two periods could be skipped on normal pills with no bad side effects, but my Google-fu is weak and I couldn't find out if there would be any bad effects from never going on the placebo phase of the pills....

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