Chella (Klawz) (klawzie) wrote in little_details,
Chella (Klawz)

Names for unlucky Oriental spirits?

I'm writing a steampunk story, which I intend to turn into something of a series. In one of the later books, I've decided, a resident of Shangri-La comes to steampunk-Victorian England to escape a lusty evil spirit (likely a bamboo spirit).

My researches have told me that bamboo is considered "lucky" - is there any way to indicate with his name that he is a bad or unlucky spirit?

If it helps any, the Emperor of Shangri-La (at least reasonably intelligent) trusts the spirit, so it shouldn't be something terribly ill-omened or obvious. But if there's a way to indicate 'decay' or something else subtly negative I'd really very much appreciate it. ;)

If it helps, it doesn't specifically have to be Japanese, Chinese, Korean or anything. If someone wanted to blend together a fictional name - I'd be more than happy to use it. ^^;

The spirit has a small herd of other bad or just unlucky spirits at his command, so other names (and their origins if you know them) would be super-awesome.

Thanks in advance - and feel free to whap me with the Mod-stick if this isn't an appropriate post. :)

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