SkySong (skysong6161) wrote in little_details,

Mexicans and Hookers

Mexican stuff! Because I'm horribly ignorant. Very much so. I should be ashamed.

Background: Small Mexican family moves accross the border quite illegally. They compose of a father, mother, and daughter trio, with the mother in early pregnancy, though if that affects anything I don't know. The daughter is not US born, and the timeframe is the late seventies or early eighties. With that in mind:

1. What would the process be to get a greencard/'right to work'/whathaveyou for a family that's already been living in the US for more or less a year now? Would they get their asses deported?

2. For the life of me I can't remember the naming practices down there. >.< The surname thing is confusing me.

On a COMPLEATELY unrelated note:

1. What are some pretty basic mistakes for a novice hooker to make? Preferably not something that'd get her arrested.

2. What's a good way to shock yourself badly on electrical... stuff? Something bad enough to need to go to the hospital, but not bad enough to be fatal?
Tags: ~prostitution

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