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Albino-related vision problems, childhood illnesses, and Greek surnames.

Ok, I know albinos have problems with their vision. What I don't know, is if going blind later in life is a common thing. If someone had albinism and could see in their younger years, would that be cause enough to worry about blindness later in life, or would their vision likely stay the same for the rest of their life?

Second question: What types of childhood illnesses can cause infertility in women as adults, and are still around and dangerous to a degree in the modern day? I was thinking scarlet fever, but nothing I've found on the disease supports the folklore I'd heard about severe cases causing infertility.

Final question: Does anyone know of a database where I could find current Greek surnames? Meanings of the surnames would be a bonus, but not required, I'm just looking for Greek surnames that are still around, a.k.a. the family hasn't died out.

Thank you all so much in advance, and yes, for the curious, these questions all pertain to the same character.

Edit: Wow, thank you so much everyone! You've all been most helpful, more than you realize.

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