juste une noctambule (rheakurokawa) wrote in little_details,
juste une noctambule

Relationship between Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and Schizophrenia and Murder

I'm currently writing a story where my main character has Tinnitus (basically known as "ringing in the ears") and suffers also from hyperacusis attacks (as researched by me -- when you can't stand high noises). I want him to gradually become mentally ill and in a fit kill someone.

The problem is i need to know if there are any connections between hearing disorders and schizophrenia or any other mental illness and if aggravated, they could really end up in murder.

Also i am very interested in the psychology of murderers, and if there are resources online, or even better, books i can look up, i'd be very appreciative. I have researched tinnitus and hyperaccusis, but am interested in the psychological, or rather psichiatric aspect of this disorders.
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