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MOD POST: tags

Here are the definitions of the tags. I think that most are self-explanatory, but if not, and if I haven't explained well enough, please let me know so I can clarify. If you aren't sure after reading this what tags your entry should have, don't worry about it; tagging your entries is not required and a mod can do it for you.

When tagging your entries use all of the tags that apply.

art literature and music
Pretty self-explanatory. For example, if you ask about a piece of music playing in the background of a movie or when a book was released, it will go here. I've also been sticking questions that fanfic authors have asked about their canon into this category.

community info
Posts like this one.

copyright and other legal issues
Questions about legal issues that we, the writers might run into -- rather than legal issues that our characters might run into.

If it has to do with the English language, it goes here. So far, there's mostly a lot of "I'm looking for this word" or "what terms would my character use?" posts.

grab bag
Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Questions ranging from feudal Japanese clothing to where soldiers in London might have stayed during WWII. It's not a very specific tag but we don't get a lot of historical questions yet.

The medical category. Gunshot wound? Schizophrenia? Anatomy? Medical establishment? All of that goes here. Because this category is so large, it has several "sub-tags". If one of these apply, please add them to your entry as well:

* drugs
* historical medicine
* injuries
* illnesses
* poisoning
* psychology

For questions about languages other than English. Translation of lyrics, questions about foreign names, how ASL works, etc. ("How do you say?" posts should still go to multilingual first.)

law and government
This is the catch-all category for questions about the law and politics (since the two are so often intertwined). Everything from child custody to penalties for murder to a senator's daily duties goes here.

regions and cultures
Questions about how things are in a specific part of the world. Want to know the dangerous parts of London or New York? Want to know how long it would take to drive from Paris to Angers? Want to know about attitudes towards homosexuality in Russia? All that goes here. It's terribly US-centric in how it's been implemented (I haven't added questions that are about the USA in general because otherwise it would be swamped).

religion and mythology
I think that's pretty self-explanatory. Folklore that people don't really believe as a matter of faith would go here as well.

Links to webpages that make good resources for writers.

A fuzzily-defined category that overlaps with the technology category a lot. If it could fit in another category, it probably shouldn't go here. But if it's about astronomy or cave ecology, this is where it fits.

This category is for questions about sexual acts, rather than gender identity and so forth, except where those two might overlap -- it's the porn category, basically.

If it's more advanced than a stick used to fish for ants, it goes here. Bridges, fence-cutters, computers ... generally, this is the "tools" category. The exception is weapons, which have their own category. And sex toys, which belong to the previous category.

Things specifically created to cause people harm: guns, swords, arrows, etc. If you want to know what type of gun or sword your character uses, it goes here. If you want to know how a katana is made, it goes here. Questions about injuries from these things can go under this category as well, but should also be added to the "injuries and illnesses" category.

That's it.

And a grumpy friendly reminder: All posts are supposed to have a descriptive subject line. A descriptive subject line will reflect your specific question in some way.

A bad subject line: literature question
A good subject line: Was Gogol really gay?

C'mon, guys. I'm getting tired of typing out those edit requests.

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