Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Dangerous bits of New York?

I need advice on New York sociogeography.

I have my characters leaving the Four Seasons restaurant, which is apparently at 52nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, not long before midnight. They're going for a walk, without any real destination. Two tall and very fit men, walking briskly, not afraid to use shortcuts or alleyways. Come to think of it, the sort of people who'd jump a fence instead of changing their direction, just because they were too busy talking.

At the end, preferably within half an hour to an hour's walking (which would make it just after midnight), I'd like them to be somewhere where they can run into some unsavoury element - either someone attempting to rob them, or some illegal activity in progress. Ideally, there would be some building nearby, empty at night, where noise or a fight would not attract unwanted attention (alarmed office buildings are out); an abandoned/currently unused warehouse or tenement would be perfect.

I know New York crime has gone down in recent years, but maybe there are still some bad areas left? Or if that's not possible, areas that were bad before Giuliani's "zero tolerance" policy?

EDIT: This means, either present day, or early Nineties.

(This'll teach me to stick to fictional cities :S)
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