Captain S (psychopyro) wrote in little_details,
Captain S

Immobile while on horseback?

I have three characters. One (the main character, though I guess that isn't necessary info) is incapable of much movement. He's not paralyzed, persay, but his arms and legs don't respond much, and the trunk of his body is too weak for him to stand or sit up on his own. The reasons aren't important, and it would take way too long to explain. He might as well be unconscious, in other words, which he's been drifting in an out of at random odd intervals (for other unnecessary reasons etc.)

So now that that's out of the way, my question... What would be the best way to transport this guy by horseback (max 3 horses, please)? Having someone double up in the saddle to help him? Tying him into the saddle? What? If it's the latter, how exactly does one go about that? They're going to be doing some hard riding, and for quite a while, as they're attempting to get away from an unhappy group of Someones and to safehaven pretty far away.

Any suggestions would be quite helpful. :) Merci beacoup, domo, gracias, thanks, and whatever others you think of. ^_^
Tags: ~animals: horses, ~medicine: paralysis, ~travel: pre-modern overland

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