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College Sports

I know very very little about sports. So. I'd like answers that could apply to most sports, but if that's too broad/general, I'm most interested in how they apply to basketball and swimming at a big public university.

Bulleted for your reading pleasure:
+When do different sport seasons start, and how long do they typically last? Do most sports have both a fall and a spring season? What happens in the case of non-traditional sports, such as archery, horse-back riding, etc.?
+Would a non-traditional student(older by several years) be allowed to join the varsity team of a college sport? In the same vein, if a student took longer than usual to complete their degree, would they still be allowed on the team?
+How often do varsity members practice a week? What other training are they encouraged to do? For example, rugby forwards are encouraged to do weight-training, but would the same apply to a swimmer?
+How strict of a diet would a typical college varsity student be on?
+What sort of academic standards are varsity students now held to, and what kind of scholarships can a decent player expect to receive per year?

Thanks, guys.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~sports (misc)

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