Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!


I think I'm going to do this periodically (once a month or so), because either I'm getting grumpier or people are forgetting the rules more often.

~ ~ ~

1) Don't ask us something that you could look up easily on your own. It's all right to post if you have no idea how to look it up, or are still in the dark after your search--we're here to help. Just don't be lazy.

2) No flaming and no trolling. If you disagree with someone, logical and civil debate works wonders. If you're an asshole, we reserve the right to mock you mercilessly and then ban you.

3) Make your posts readable--this means no netspeak/chatspeak. It's a personal aggravation of the head mod and it will probably make her (and other people) grumpy.

4) Give your posts a descriptive subject line. This makes it easier to find them in the archive.

5) If you want to post something that's off-topic, ask about it first. You can wait a few hours (at the most!) for the mod to get back to you.

6) All material that's squicky, non-work-safe, or just really long should be put behind an LJ-cut----if you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, make friends with this FAQ.

7) Questions about how to say something in another language should go to multilingual, although you're free to ask here if no one there can help you. This is just to keep post volume down, as we're getting big.

~ ~ ~

The two that are being broken? People are forgetting to include descriptive subject lines and posting questions that have nothing to do with writing.


This is a bad subject line: "medical question"
This is a good subject line: "healing after being shot in the knee"

If I make puppy eyes at callie_chan enough, she might let me start deleting posts without a subject, and that's no fun for anyone. Except me.
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