renabunny42 (renabunny42) wrote in little_details,

Effects of deep sword wounds

Not quiet sure how to go about this, so I wanted to double check what my instinct on this is.

Three character are involved in a fight, age of boy A is 15, his hight is 183 cm and he has a athletic build that is more on the muscular side. He is attacking boy B with a ito-maki tachi, the hight of boy B is 180 cm, age 14 and a build similar to boy A. During this attack boy A manages to start a deep cut/tear at boy B's adam's apple which he continues until some point of boy B's stomach. The cut for the most point is strait down the center of boy B's body

This scene actually happens off screen and what I am describing is someone finding the body four hours later.

What I am wondering is
A. What other major organs are likely to be injured if the cut follows this path?
and B. What state would the body be in When the body was found?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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