Rikoshi Kisaragi (rikoshi) wrote in little_details,
Rikoshi Kisaragi

Sickness in the Middle Ages

In Medieval Europe (say, late 1400s or early 1500s), what diseases would have been good candidates for keeping a young child, somewhere between six and ten years old, chronically housebound? He doesn't necessarily need to be bedridden (not constantly, at least), but I'd like it to be something that would give him cause to not have any outside friends and not be asked to assist the family with the business or household chores, and also something that could persist for a few years.

Also, going with the same setting, what are some diseases that could keep a middle-aged man bedridden for an extended time, with a questionable possibility of ever recovering? That is, it would be pretty much up in the air if he came through it or died. From what I know, consumption (tuberculosis) was almost always fatal, and I was looking for something with a bit more hope of recovery than that.

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