jz_smith (jz_smith) wrote in little_details,

Dirigible interiors and general design

Grrr... no one seems to want to make websites about the interior layouts of the greater ridged airships. I'm writing a sci-fi alternate-world steam-punk story, and I'm designing many, many dirigibles, but one in particular which uses two 200 meter long helium filled envelopes in the shape of prolate spheroids (of course) trussed together in the middle with exterior catwalks between and around the exterior sides of both envelopes. Two crew and community areas are connected to the underside of each envelope, with smaller crew areas along the dorsal areas of both spheroids. The ship will start out as a coal burning and move to a petrol boiler early in the story. Also, I'm playing with the idea of a third lower crew section suspended between and below the two gas envelopes. I can do the math, that's not the hard part - but I'm awful at interior design, and I wanted to look up how the layout of airships has been done in the real world.

But I can't find an appropriate site that shows either design layouts of crew and passenger areas or interior photos.

Also, I want to know how the dirigibles ascended and descended on a mechanical level, whether they used sheer propeller power to angle the ships in a downward (nose down) or upward (nose up) direction, or whether they use forward and aft ballast tanks full of water with pumps connecting and controlling the two. How do the helium/hydrogen storage systems actually work and how are they laid out? I can't seem to find the info - though I could make it up myself, I want to see what other's have done it in the past.
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