Hannah Rebekah (sleepy_geeky) wrote in little_details,
Hannah Rebekah

Scarring Growth

Being fortunate enough to have never had major surgeries or accidents (knock on wood), I'm rather uninformed on the subject of scars. I was wondering: as people grow, do scars stretch?

The character (All right, it's Remus Lupin. Stop looking at me like that), was bitten by a werewolf (whom in my fic universe, is much closer to an actual wolf than a wolf-man) when he was a young boy -- four or five. The bite was rather wide (assuming the biter's jaws were rather big, and he managed to get pretty deep in the mouth), from probably his shoulder to his buttock.

My question being, would the scar grow as he does? The obvious answer would be yes, but I'm afraid of looking like an idiot in my fic-debut. Thanks for any help.

ETA: Thank you all so much; you've been very helpful!
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