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Guys being touched by other guys?

I feel pretty silly asking this, but not being a guy myself, I guess I should get some opinions to make this a little more believable since my story's narration is first person perspective from a guy.

Guys (the heterosexuals reading this), how do most of you generally feel about being touched by another guy, in a non-homosexual way? Like a clap on the shoulder, or being grabbed by the arm to get your attention, or poked in the head.. something. Neutral? Offended/defensive? Uncomfortable? Weirded? Is how you feel different if neither one of you has a shirt on? (and PLEASE believe me when I say this isn't a yaoi/gay romance that I'm writing XD ).

The specific situation is that my main guy is actually being confronted by an exact likeness of himself (he's not exactly on "earth" right now, more on a different plane of existance). So being an exact likeness, neither one of them is wearing a shirt (for not-random reasons). When he decides to ignore the confrontation and attempts to walk past his duplicate, the duplicate stops him with a hand on his shoulder as he passes and just kind of says, y'know, "I don't think so" in so many words. Since this will be turning into a pretty intense scene, I wasn't sure how to narrate this part, seeing as how it's already kind of weird that this is an exact him that's touching him. A lot of this I know would be according to his character, but I just wanted to know what the average thoughts would be.

Anyway... thanks. ^^; Silly question, I know!
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