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NYC subway system help?

I need a little help from some native New Yorkers.

I have a character who needs to get to the intersection of Canal St. and Bowery St. in Chinatown, from Penn Station. Unfortunately, I really have no idea how to do this. Her financial situation is such that I'd prefer if she took public transportation, probably the subway, instead of a cab. My Google-fu turned up that the closest subway station is at the corner of Grand and Chrystie St., servicing the B & D trains, but when I tried to trace it out on the official Manhattan subway system map, I got way confused. Could anyone help me out? Answered, thank you!

Also, in my thoroughly touristy visits to Chinatown, I noticed a large, curved building smack dab in the middle of Chinatown called (I think) the Confucius building. Does it contain apartments, or just office space? I'd like to have the character live there, if possible. Any other information you could provide about it would be helpful too.

Thank you so much!
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